Currently designing future of advertising at Amazon. As a designer I'm passionate about creating self-explanatory interfaces that delight end-users and am always exploring new challenges to expand my creative capacity.

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My Design strategy


Research is the key. Before jumping into designing I always make sure that I’m asking the right questions and understanding the core of the problem. This helps me gauge the expectations and outcome of the solution completely. This includes user research, market research, consulting and exploring possible solutions.

ProbleM Solving

Iterative model of going from low fidelity wireframes to functional prototypes this stage involves getting feedback from your customers at all stages and involving them as much into the process as you can.


Being a designer with a computer science background I work closely with the developers to bring the designs to life. For some cases I would also code the frontend in React JS.


The story doesn’t end there. I believe that no problem is completely resolved until the solution has been analyzed after being implemented. This stage involves impact analysis, calculating CTRs, Impressions, Views and optimizing the design based on these metrics.

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